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A strategic insurance program, based on the advice of an experienced insurance broker, may prevent this from happening. With the expert insurance advice and information solutions it will be easier for you to decide against which risks you would like to receive coverage of your business.

The coverage of Your Business and commercial insurance covers three large categories:
Assets and income – covers your business including the ability to generate income;
Liability – legal obligations, deriving from injury of third persons or damage to their property;
Personnel – injury or illness of you and/or your employees.

You may find the types of coverage and their brief descriptions bellow. As every company is different the needs of Your Business will differ.

Hide details for Fire and dangersFire and dangers
These include cover against destruction or damage to buildings and their contents, brought about by fire and other risks, like lightning, explosion, intentional actions, earthquakes, storms and flood damage.
Hide details for Suspension of activitySuspension of activity
This covers the loss of commercial income, if the business activity has been suspended due to damage of property by fire or other covered dangers.
Hide details for  Intentional actions of third persons Intentional actions of third persons
This includes cover of loss or damage to buildings and their contents due to intentional setting on fire, explosion devices and vandalism following theft.
Hide details for Liability of the employerLiability of the employer
This covers the employer against indemnities and legal expenses, arising from suggestions of unacceptable treatment of employees in connection to their work.
Hide details for Electronic-computer risksElectronic-computer risks
This includes cover for damages to the mechanical and electronic equipment against specific risks like deduction, overvoltage, electrical shock, etc.
Hide details for TransitTransit
This covers the transit of external goods under your control.
Hide details for "Keyman" insurance"Keyman" insurance
This provides cover to your business in the events of death or long term lack of labor ability of a “key man”, usually the owner or some other person who is critical for the sustainable existence of the company.
Hide details for MoneyMoney
This covers the risks of loss or theft from the business areas or during bank collection of cash and other transferable money instruments.
Hide details for VehiclesVehicles
Vehicles and internal facility transport - all that bare a registration in the Police, need to be insured at least with “Third party liability” insurance. It is possible to combine this with a “KASKO” insurance, covering damage to the vehicle itself.
Hide details for Liability for the productLiability for the product
This covers possible law suits for damages and money loss brought about by the products or services that you sell or deliver.
Hide details for Professional indemnityProfessional indemnity
The companies which render advice or professional services of any sort, may be sued for financial losses due to mistakes or omissions.
Hide details for Third party liabilityThird party liability
This protects you from claims from third parties, which may suffer body injury or property loss, deriving from the activity of your company.
Hide details for Accidents of the employeesAccidents of the employees
This is a compulsory insurance in all European countries. It compensates the employees and their next of kin in the events of death, injury or illness, deriving from the normal labor of the employee.

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